TOPP Composite XJ-900 Pickleball Paddle

TOPP Composite XJ-900 Pickleball Paddle

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The XJ-900 Composite WideBODY paddle is the first paddle released by TOPP Pickleball, Inc.  This paddle was made for the pickleball player in mind.  Hit a nice third shot dink or drive it hard from the baseline with this paddle.  It is great for beginners to advanced pickleball players.  This paddle will grow with your game as you get better.  The larger surface hitting area allows for a bigger sweet spot, which gives the paddle more power, and more control to your shots due to less off-center hits.  A great overall court paddle for your game!

Paddle Specs

Length - 15 1/2"
Width (WideBODY) - 8 3/8"
Handle Length - 5"
Weight - 7.6oz - 8.2oz
Grip Size - 4 1/4" - 4 1/2"
Grip Style - TOPP CushGRIP
Paddle Material - Polypropylene Core

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